Kurds see nightmare

‘We are in no way abiding by this report,’ says
president as Baghdad evacuation plan ordered

Nowhere was the Iraq Study Group report met with a stronger rebuke than in the northern Kurdish region of the country where the U.S. has developed its strongest alliance.

According to U.S. intelligence sources, Kurdish leaders today reacted to what they fear is another U.S. betrayal of their people by advising all their personnel in Baghdad to develop evacuation plans “in case of all out civil war or fracture of the government.”

Massoud Barzani, the president of the northern Iraqi Kurdistan region, accused the commission of trying to impose the “wrong solutions” on the Iraqi people.

“We are in no way abiding by this report,” he said defiantly.
Quietly, and off the record, some Kurds are afraid they see signs of another betrayal by the U.S., which, during the term of President George H.W. Bush, was encouraged by Washington to rise up against Saddam Hussein. Promised U.S. support, however, was never forthcoming and thousands of Kurds, mostly civilians, paid with their lives in chemical weapons attacks launched by the Baghdad regime.


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