Revisiting Conservatism

What are we trying to conserve?

What is it that we are trying to do?

We are trying to change things. Things that we feel are not good or in the best intrests of the country.

We want lower taxes.
We want less government.
We want a better education system.
We want more jobs here in America.
We want less babies murdered.

Now you may say “you right wingers just want to turn back the clock.”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

What is in the past?

Abuse and exploitation of workers, children, women, and minorities.
Blatant destruction of the enviroment without penalty.
Stagnant economies.
Basicly all the bad things of the past.

The idea that the ole days were good is completely false.
Sure things were simplier back then, but that doesn’t mean things were better.
All that means is that people we ignorant of what was happening.

What does all this mean?
We who call ourselves conservative are not trying to roll things back or keep things the same.
We are looking to the long term.

Our definition of Progress is Less Government.
Our view of the better life is more money and finacial security for EVERY social class, not just the elite classes.
Our idea of freedom is less dependence on the government.

The people rather than disconnected officials 2000 miles away should be making the choices for themselves.

In other words, self-determination.
It used to be a very liberal concept.


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