Iraq War Funding

Conrad’s out proposing that we put the Iraq War into the actual budget.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 — Frustrated by the Bush administration’s piecemeal financing of the Iraq war, Democrats are planning to assert more control over the billions of dollars a month being spent on the conflict when they take charge of Congress in January.

In interviews, the incoming Democratic chairmen of the House and Senate Budget Committees said they would demand a better accounting of the war’s cost and move toward integrating the spending into the regular federal budget, a signal of their intention to use the Congressional power of the purse more assertively to influence the White House’s management of the war.

The lawmakers, Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Representative John M. Spratt Jr. of South Carolina, said the administration’s approach of paying for extended military operations and related activities through a series of emergency requests had inhibited Congressional scrutiny of the spending and obscured the true price of the war.

“They have been playing hide-the-ball,” Mr. Conrad said, “and that does not serve the Congress well nor the country well, and we are not going to continue that practice.”

While some people are saying that this is just another Democrat ploy – which it likely is, I wonder what the problem of knowing that the funding could not be cut off for a year would be.

So far this war has been funded with emergency and supplimental funding bills every 3-4 months. Would it not be better for the generals in the field to know that they have a year’s worth of funding instead of 3-4 months?

While I don’t trust the Dems either, I don’t see why this is a problem.

From the Comments:

Brent – “The reason that they don’t want the Iraq war funding in the budget? I don’t think they want President Bush having to articulate why the budget deficit that has been reduced by half (cough, cough) all of a sudden has over $100 Billion added to the deficit.”

I never thought of that but he is right, these seperate bills are not counted toward the budget deficit. Of course some people don’t think deficits matter.


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