And he wanted to be a Congressman?

Cover up that dead deer?

Big-game animals such as deer no longer could be on display when being transported on most North Dakota roads under legislation proposed by a state representative.

The legislation from Rep. Duane DeKrey, a Republican from Pettibone, would require successful big-game hunters to cover up their harvested animals when they drive on an Interstate or state highway when returning from their hunt.

Traveling during the recent gun deer season and seeing so many dead and field-dressed deer visible in pickup beds, on trailers or tied to vehicles prompted DeKrey to introduce the legislation.

He cited one example of seeing the heads of deer dripping blood as they hung over the side of a vehicle.

“I couldn’t help but wonder what the general public thinks about that,” said DeKrey, who is a deer hunter.

Longtime deer hunter Brandon Mason can see both sides of the issue.

“You hear nonhunters and anti-hunters talking, and that’s repulsive to them. I can personally understand how they could be offended by that. It doesn’t help the cause of sportsmen much, but it’s a natural part of the hunt.

“As a sportsman, it’s kind of neat to see what everyone got.”

DeKrey doubts the proposal will go far, however.

“We will talk about in committee and decide how it should be handled,” he explained. “It’s for discussion only.”

What a waste of the legislature’s time.


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