Fargo Forum Applauds Global Warming

Warm December Weather is Better

If the weather holds – and it looks like it just might – Christmas 2006 will be without snow and warmer than usual. The last time Christmas in the Fargo-Moorhead area was not white was 1957, according to the weather experts.

No snow and temperatures some 20 degrees above average are welcome for most people. Heating bills are lower. Driving is less hazardous. Christmas shopping does not require a frigid dash from the parking lot to the store. Pets are happier. Deer can get to feed without ripping into farmers’ haystacks. Winter birds sing in the unseasonably warm sunshine.

Ah, but what about snowmobilers, skiers, skaters and sellers of snow shovels, insulated boots and snowblowers? Not happy, we suspect. But c’mon, lighten up. Most holiday seasons are a guarantee of knee-deep snow, face-freezing wind chills and treacherous travel. We’ll take that one in 50 when Mother Nature gives us a break.

North Dakotans have always been in favor of global warming.


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