Response to Dorgan’s Wa-Post Op-Ed

How Free Trade Hurts

Fewer and fewer Americans support our government’s trade policy. They see a shrinking middle class, lost jobs and exploding trade deficits.

Yet supporters of free trade continue to push for more of the same — more job-killing trade agreements, greater tax breaks for large corporations that export jobs and larger government incentives for outsourcing.

Forgive the Senator, he still doesn’t understand that corporations do not pay taxes, consumers and employees – the very people he claims to support – actually pay the taxes that are merely a pass through cost.

Free Trade and Illegal Immigration both have the same result – people willing to do the work cheaper than Americans doing work American would do if the laws of this nation were respected.

If Dorgan’s criticism was based in a sense of nationalism rather than being a schill for the unions maybe he’d have a point. But his solution to force everyone into unionist slavery can only make things worse.

Yeah, free trade isn’t that attractive to the average American that does not have the assets to leverage the international labor market beyond shopping at Walmart, but it’s is far superior to Dorgan’s vision of a unionist drones whose pay is determined not on the value of their labor, but on the negociating skills of their lawyers.

That only will lead to a world where no one can afford the things they are building.

There are two valid arguments against “free trade:”

1. America loses control of it’s own economic stability and destiny by becoming reliant on other nations for our material needs.

2. The use of slave labor in non-free nations to advance the living standards of Americans is indeed immoral in the Christian sense.

But the argument that unions need more power total hogwash to promote communistic goals of Marxism.


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