Tooting My Own Horn

Mentioned in the Grand Forks Herald

and the Fargo Forum

Second-guessing, Part 2A second conservative group has weighed in on Gov. John Hoeven’s budget, calling it “an unacceptable proposal” and calling for return of the state’s half-billion-dollar budget surplus to taxpayers.

Dustin Gawrylow, executive director of North Dakotans for Change, criticized the governor for recommending the state spend “$382 million more than the agencies themselves” requested, for recommending a $300,000 increase in his own budget, and for cutting the requests from five college campuses “while tuition rates continue to increase.”

He also calls for elimination of the state income tax on incomes up to $30,650.

His organization’s Web site,, contains a link, “Learn more about the people behind North Dakotans for Change,” which doesn’t link to anything. The site does score 2005 legislators, awarding points for “pro-youth” and “pro-growth” votes.

Earlier this month, North Dakotans, including former Gov. Ed Schafer, who are affiliated with Americans for Prosperity, a Washington, D.C.-based group that advocates lower taxes and restrictions on government spending, called for using the state’s surplus to “make government more efficient and less costly.”

Not sure why she says that the link doesn’t go anywhere, cause it does, but oh well.


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