How About Some Uniforms?

Was it really a good idea to have the executioners on video look like they were pulled off the street? Apparently the Iraqi Government could not afford uniforms.

Why did the Bush Admin allow the people on video to wear plain clothes and leather jackets with ski masks? Why would the Bush Admin allow the people executing Saddam look like to the terrorists chopping off the heads of people like Nick Berg?

This will come back to bite Bush cause this give the anti-war Dems and foreigners the ammo to say that the regime we put in place functions just like the terrorists.

Memo to those in charge: When it comes to executing Osama if he is ever caught, wear something that looks like a uniform and not something the terrorists would wear.

Where were the advisors? I thought the US was training Iraqis, it looks like these are just a bunch of thugs in ski masks stringing him up.

I guess the Iraqi government doesn’t care about public image and professionalism. That certainly will empower the nut jobs that say we have just exchanged one thug for a larger, more democraticly elected group of other thugs.

Don’t tell me that someone in our government couldn’t have said to their people “pst, hey, make some uniforms or give your executioners suits and ties so the world doesn’t think you are thugs.”


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