Out-Sourcing, Free Trade, and the Planned Obsolecence of the American Nationstate

Free Trade advocates tell us that commerce must be distributed globally based on the efficiencies of the division of labor.

It is stereotypical, and borders on racism, but if that is the case then we as a nation must discontinue teaching any math to students in school because Asians are just better at it.

Going further along this line of thought, clearly we must end the teaching of computer science to Americans since people from India are way more productive at using computers.

We must immediately ship all textile jobs from New England and South Carolina to China because…wait…never mind, that already happened.

The point is, when you really think about it, what is it that America is the best in the world at? Fighting wars –  killing people and breaking things is the epitome of American efficiency.  Someone else better put the pieces back together though.

In the end, the same people that used to say we should not be the World’s Police Force have also introduced the idea of Global Division of Labor commonly known as Free Trade have put into motion the eventuality that America’s sole purpose in the world is to fight wars.

Cause it really is what we are good at.


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