Presidential Candidate Cox: No Human Embryo is Safe

via Press Release

As the Democrats are about to launch their destructive “100
legislative hour march” in the U.S. House of Representatives, they
are leading it off with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to push a
bill through Congress to allow a “clone and kill” policy on human

But John Cox, the first Republican candidate for president in 2008,
says that her plans put the unborn in danger, which would allow
Federal funding for the destruction of human embryos in labs.

“The entire embryonic stem cell debate has been stoked by the
liberal media and liberal elites to have human embryos declared `non-
persons’ so they can further debase life and promote their pro-
abortion, Clone and Kill agenda,” said Cox, who said he favors adult
stem cell research, which actually may lead to cures for those like
his nieces, who have juvenile diabetes, and his wife, who has
rheumatoid arthritis.

Cox is also hailing the discovery, released today, that amniotic
fluid may hold promise in creating viable stem cells WITHOUT
DESTROYING HUMAN EMBRYOS, according to scientists at Harvard and
Wake Forest Universities.

Doctors say cells from the human placenta and from amniotic fluids
could be used to create cells for research purposes that can lead to
cures to diseases.

There is no evidence that cells from human embryos can be used in
this way.

“This new research confirms how the stem cell issue has been
manipulated all along by politicians for their own personal gain.”

Cox says an example of this manipulation is the case in Missouri and
Maryland during this past November’s election in which actor Michael
J. Fox appeared in TV commercials to deliberately blur the lines
between adult stem cell research – which is non-controversial – and
embryonic stem cell research – which requires the fertilization of
an human egg, cloning it, and then destroying it to harvest the
cells it creates.

John Cox, the son of a single mother, is pro-life without exception,
and often says he might very well have been aborted himself had
abortion been legal when he was born in 1955. Abortion became legal
nationwide after the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision.


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