Presidential Candidate Cox Opposes Bush’s Proposed Troop

via Press Release

John Cox, the first announced Republican presidential candidate,
released the following statement this evening:

“Pres. Bush’s plan for a `surge’ in troops to Iraq and an additional
$1 billion or more in taxpayer handouts is the wrong approach and
will not lead to victory.

The people of Iraq live in economic despair every day. They lack
hope, and many are turning to terror and violence as a result.

Sending more American soldiers into Fallujah with virtual targets on
their backs fails to address the economic realities on the ground.

Simply sending more troops and another billion dollars of taxpayer
money to Iraq is foolish and wasteful, and will not solve the
economic problems of the Iraqi people.

Lifting people and the economy up out of the chaos they are in must
be part of the solution.

I have called on Pres. Bush to implement what I call “Operation
Economic Opportunity” to ensure that nation’s oil capacity is
brought fully online, so they can sell oil on the open market and
build their own schools, roads and military – with their own money.

We must get our troops off the streets and get them guarding the oil
pipelines and refineries immediately.

We must reform the government bureaucracy in Iraq that is keeping
funds from reaching the rebuilding projects that they so desperately

Productive, happy and gainfully employed people do not turn to

In a nation of 25 million people, an estimated $75 billion more in
annual oil revenue could lift the nation out of poverty, and bring
hope and prosperity to a nation sitting on an ocean of oil.

By building up the Iraqi’s economy by returning oil production to
full capacity, they can become self-sufficient, and then we can
leave, knowing we have ensured a lasting peace.

We must give economic hope to the Iraqi people. America can give
them hope for the future through economic opportunity and the
personal and financial rewards that brings.

The Iraqi people must feel they have a share in their nation’s
prosperity and success. Only then will we be able to leave that
nation, knowing we have made it a shining star in the region and an
example for others to follow.”


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