The 29th Dumbest State

North Dakota has been ranked as the 29th Dumbest State in the Union by Morgan Quitno Press (21st Smartest for those of you math challenged North Dakotans).


2 Responses to The 29th Dumbest State

  1. Graeme says:

    i figured that all the dumbest states would be in the South

  2. Sam Nero says:

    Oh the irony!!

    To the poster: Please do me a favor. Take a piece of paper and make 50 tally marks on it, they now represent the 50 states. Now start counting to 29, when you get to that tally mark label is North Dakota. That means ND is the 29th dumbest state. Now flip the sheet of paper upside down. Start counting. You will see that ND is the 22nd smartest state.

    Please clarify your own error please because the irony is killing me.

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