Final Thoughts on the Coulter Comments

This subject has been hammered to death, but here are some final thoughts on this issue.

If Conservatives want to be taken seriously by the general public, we must have Conservatives in the spotlight – not Extremists.

Conservatives are constantly labeled as biggots by liberals. While this is not true, as long as we keep promoting people like Coulter to the spotlight by buying her books and watching her on FoxNews, we will NEVER be able to run fast enough to get away from the biggot label.

The solution is to use our power in the Free Market and quit funding her operations. We must show these Extremists that have hijacked our party as much as the Neo-Cons have that we do not want them speaking for us.

We cannot let it be profitable for people to make Conservatives look bad. End of story.


2 Responses to Final Thoughts on the Coulter Comments

  1. prolifeprogressive says:

    All true, I will never vote republican again until the neo-cons are out of power and the tone of the AntiAbortion, anti-gay crowd changes. I agree in principle, but the tone does more to drive moderates into the Dem camp than anything else.

  2. Yaz X says:

    Hello this is the only time in my life that I have visited a conservative website, and I am walking away smiling. Thank you for the introduction and I will now open my mind for new ideas. I sincerely mean that. I haven’t belong to any political party for years and I have no plans on it. However the comments listed above have made me reconsider my thoughts about REAL CONSERVATIVES. I don’t dislike conservative, I can’t stand NEOCONS! THANK U!!!

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