D.C. Congressional Representation

There is an uproar over Representative Mike Pence’s stance on giving the District of Columbia its own Congressman.

Rep. Pence said:

I voted in favor of legislation granting the residents of the District of Columbia the right to full voting representation in the House of Representatives. I believe this legislation is a constitutional remedy to a historic wrong.

The fact that more than half a million Americans living in the District of Columbia are denied a single voting representative in Congress is clearly a historic wrong and justice demands that it be addressed. At the time of the adoption of our present system of government, the federal city did not exist apart from a reference in the Constitution. When the District of Columbia opened for business in 1801, only a few thousand residents lived within her boundaries. Among the founders, only Alexander Hamilton would forsee the bustling metropolis that Washington, D.C. would become and he advocated voting representation for the citizens of the District.

The demands of history in favor of representation for the Americans living in Washington, D.C. is compelling. In establishing the republic, the single over-arching principle of the American founding was that laws should be based upon the consent of the governed. The first generation of Americans threw tea in Boston harbor because they were denied a voting representative in the national legislature in England. Given their fealty to representative democracy, it is inconceivable to me that our Founders would have been willing to accept the denial of representation to so great a throng of Americans in perpetuity.

Represenative Pence, as readers of this blog know, is one of the most solid conservative voices in the Republican Party and in Congress.

Human Event’s has come out strongly against this bill.

I agree with Representative Pence’s stance and rationale.  Once the bill is passed, the Supreme Court should look at it immediately as this is an issue they really are designed to rule on.


One Response to D.C. Congressional Representation

  1. Joe says:

    I think it should be outlawed that people should be able to have a permenant residence in Washington.

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