The Truth About Education Funding in North Dakota

Democrats claim that the reason local property taxes are so high is because the state has cut funding for education. Republicans say it is because counties and school districts are spending too much.

What’s the truth?

The inflation adjusted graphs do not lie.

ND Education - Adjusted

State provided education funding in today’s dollars is indeed lower than in 1986.

Now take a look at the Nominal figures that Republicans like to point to.

ND Education - Nominal

If you go by the unadjusted figures then sure, state provided education funding goes up. But this chart reveals a major problem. The rest of the state government is growing much faster than the growth of education spending.


State government is growing while education funding is actually under control. The total growth of government must be reduced in Real, Inflation Adjusted dollars and a portion of the savings should be diverted to education.

For every $2 that is cut from total state government spending, education funding should be increased by $1.


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