Earl Pomeroy, misRepresentative from North Dakota

It seems every month there is another story about how our federal delegation is so powerful. Why is it then that our lone Congressman, Earl Pomeroy, was unable to convince his own party’s leadership to support the farm disaster relief on its own? Instead, it was tied to withdrawing troops from Iraq.

Last July, the good Congressman voted against raising the minimum wage because the Republicans tied it to abolishing the Death Tax. In that case the good Congressman chose to “stick it to a handful of rich folks rather than give minimum wage workers a raise.

Why is it that our Congressman believes that North Dakota is so against the Iraq war that farm relief should be tied to it?

He criticized Republicans for putting the interests of “the rich” above giving the working poor a raise, then he sat and watched while his own party did the exact same thing by tying farm relief to withdrawing troops.

I wonder if he can spell hypocrite.


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