The Neo-Prohibitionist Agenda

In Iowa, courtesy of Political Forecast:

On Wednesday, the Iowa House passed a statewide keg registration law by a vote of 86-10. The ten members voting against the bill were: Eric Palmer, Chuck Gipp, Jamie Van Fossen, Lance Horbach, Christopher Rants, Ralph Watts, Steve Lukan, Tom Sands, Rick Olson, and Dick Taylor. Of those ten, three were Democrats: Palmer, Olson, and Taylor. Clearly, this isn’t a partisan piece of legislation since it passed so overwhelmingly.

Responsibility is what we should promote and the consequences for doing something wrong, not tracking everyone who buys a keg (which most people do without giving beer to underage minors). And, as EE wrote:

“Instead of making such laws, we should concentrate on changing our society’s relationship with alcohol. After all, we should be a country which learns from it’s … *cough* prohibition *cough*… mistakes.

Our society will not be able to overcome the ‘mystification’ of sex, alcohol and drugs until we stop putting them up on pedestals in front of our children.”

In the slang of a 21st century young person, word.


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