Voinovich Urges Powell To Run for President

 What is this, 1996?

Columbus Dispatch

Sen. George V. Voinovich visited former Secretary of State Colin Powell about a month ago and urged him to seek the Republican nomination for president in 2008.

Powell, who resigned after President Bush?s first term, balked.

“He said he had given his service to this country, and his wife’s a little bit reluctant about doing it,” Voinovich, an Ohio Republican, said Wednesday during an interview in his Capitol Hill office.

“I told him it?s time to re-up.”

Voinovich, who is given to public displays of emotion, then paused and got teary-eyed as he continued speaking about Powell.

“I said, “You have a moral obligation and I have a moral obligation, and this country is running out of time. And if you’re running out of time, then I’m running out of time, and I think we have a moral obligation to try to leave a better legacy than it looks like we’re going to leave to our kids.? “

He said no in 1996.  Bush threw him under the bus at the U.N.  If he thought he could actually fix the situation he’d do it cause he’s a good American not because some Senator demands he do it.


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