Boehner: ‘Geographic Balance’ More Important Than Ethics

H/T: RedState and Politico

 In a sidewalk interview, Boehner defended the choice that he and others on the House GOP steering committee made to elevate Calvert. He acknowledged that geographic balance was one factor driving the appointment — one that proved more important than questions raised in a Los Angeles Times article about Calvert’s land sale.


“If only John Boehner the Republican leader would act like John Boehner the leadership candidate, the Republican Conference would be in a much stronger position,” said a House Republican aide who works for a lawmaker upset with Boehner’s move. “Decisions like the Calvert appointment cripple our party’s ability to be associated with reform, and until our leadership changes direction, they are leading this conference even further into the political abyss.”

Republicans just can’t seem to get out of their own way.  The Democrats are making fools of themselves and the Republicans keep trying to cover-up each other’s scandals.

No wonder has “declared war” on the House GOP. 


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