Ron Paul – A Traitor?

His Former Campaign Manager,  Eric Dondero, Says So

Good morning,

I am making this announcement on my favorite website Many of you here have urged me to take this course. And now, after last night’s GOP Presidential debate, I’ve decided to move ahead with my plans.

I have spent the early morning scanning the major political blogs, and news sites. It’s unanimous. Ron Paul got slammed by Rudy Giuliani last night for suggesting that we – the United States of America – are to blame for the attacks on 9/11. He even had the audacity to cite Osama bin Laden.

While everyone is hailing this as a “Great moment” for Rudy Giuliani, I think just as importantly, it was a horrible moment for Ron Paul. My former boss looked like a complete nutcase. He looked frail. His hands shaked. He showed his age. He was completely unprepared for Giuliani’s romping response.

Is this the man that should be representing South Texas Congressional District 14 in the US Congress?

I think not.

I am calling on Ron Paul to resign his seat, sooner rather than later. Otherwise Congressional District 14 voters from Victoria to Galveston will appear to be endorsing his treachorous, and near treasonous views on foreign policy.

I am sure I speak for many CD 14 voters, and certainly the vast majority of CD 14 Republicans, when I say, Ron Paul, it’s time for you to exit the stage.

I am calling on the three to four Republican individuals who have expressed an interest in this Congressional seat, and challenging Ron Paul in the primary, to now enter the race.

Many are aware that libertarian conservative Friendswood Councilman Peden has suggested he would run. Bobby Eberle of GOPUSA, and former Texas YR Chairman also has been mentioned. Even former Congressman Steve Stockman now lives in this CD.
I would back any of the three, particularly Bobby.

But if any of them hesitates to come out in the coming weeks, I will officially declare against my former boss. I will not have nearly the amount of money that Ron Paul will have for the primary challenge. But I do have the most kick-ass grass roots experience and resume of any Republican political activist in the country. I am the very person who got Ron Paul elected to Congress in 1996 as his Campaign Coordinator. I know what it takes. I know every inch of Texas CD 14 like the back of my hand.

This is a reaction to the “debate within the debate” on FoxNews.

Here is the video of the exchange between Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is right that much of our current situation was caused by our sticking our noses where it doesn’t belong.

He is also right that 9/11 was a Newtonian “equal and opposition reaction” to our interference around the world.

None of which means we should not retaliate against those involved after 9/11.


8 Responses to Ron Paul – A Traitor?

  1. I would like Ron Paul’s critics to imagine for a second that several decades ago on this very day the Chinese intelligence agency, using their operatives located in Austin, assassinated the governor of Texas. I would further like you to imagine that as of today the Chinese have invaded both Louisiana and New Mexico and that Santa Fe and Baton Rouge are being routinely bombed as the Chinese occupation attempts to overcome the indigenous resistance. In response, the current governor of Texas is threatening that Texas will build a nuclear weapon to defend itself. Furthermore, the opinion widely circulated in the Chinese media is that there exists a Christian plot to takeover the world by conquering China and that Texans hate China for its economic successes. Also, the Chinese are funding to the tune of billions of dollars per year Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, who is a sworn enemy of Texas. Lastly, the Chinese are demanding that they be allowed to station troops in and around the Alamo, in San Antonio. If you can even begin to imagine such a horrific, if contrived, situation, you have a glimpse at what it is like to live as a Muslim in a region dominated by U.S. foreign adventurism and interventionism.

    The only insensitivity and cowardice towards truth on display at Tuesday night’s Republican debate was Rudy Giuliani’s. If Rudy Giuliani cannot comprehend how the fact that we support dictators (e.g., Hussein, Musharraf), overthrow democratically elected officials (e.g., Mosaddeq), fund Israel, have invaded two countries, are threatening to invade more, and station troops near Islam’s equivalent to the Vatican, Mecca, contributes to terrorism, then he does not have the intellectual depth to be the next president of the United States.

    Ron Paul did not insinuate that America caused the terrorist attacks of September Eleventh. What Ron Paul did say is true: Non-interventionism will not prevent terrorism; it will just stop provoking it. The other half of not intervening is building up the defenses of America itself. If we focused solely on defending just the U.S., and not Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, England, and all the other one hundred thirty plus countries in which we have troops, we would be as defended as a single country could possibly be. Switzerland has proven this; and America’s position as a superpower would leave a non-interventionist neutral America as the best defended country in the history of the world.

  2. Gerald says:

    Hilarious! He was Dr. Paul'”driver” when he was sober/lucid. Since he wasn’t vvery often…Dr. Paul fired him TWICE.

  3. anouar says:

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    Come and check it out if you get time

  4. Don says:

    Notice how many attacks on Ron Paul you are seeing today?

    The neocons are running scared!

  5. Eric Dondero says:

    No, I actually resigned twice or tried too. His wife Carol pleaded with me one of those times not to leave. I agreed to stay on til they found a replacement and still be around to assist as a trusted friend and advisor – non-payroll.

    They a year later they called me back into service, after the Congressional office Scheduler got pregnent out of wedlock. They told me it would only be for a short time until they found a good replacement. It ended up being another 3 -year assignment.

    (I think I still have one of the emails from Tom Lizardo, Ron’s Chief of Staff asking me to come back? I’ll have to check my Yahoo records.)

    Get your facts straight before you start mouthing off Ron Paul slime Eric Dondero talking points.

  6. Enzo says:

    Ron Paul is the only real Republican running. The fact that the Republicans do not see this just shows how far out of touch they are. The democrats will win the next presidency in a landslide. I’ve voted for Bush twice, but if Ron Paul is not the Republican candidate, I’ll vote Democratic.

    The Republicans are just not getting it. Bush is leading the amnesty push for cryin’ out loud. I’m sorry I ever voted for that half-wit.

  7. Terrible Tommy says:

    RP missed the vote on HR 1955. He wasn’t there. HR 1955 is the most constitutionally distructive bill ever passed in US history.

    RP is an active member of the Committee on Foriegn Affairs. A gov sponcored agency. I don’t give a rats ass what would be world control freaks may think. Our DOA constitution (HR 1955. Thanks mucho RP) insist that we stay out of foreign affairs. To usurp the constitution in any way is an act of treason. So much for our Great Defender of the Constitution!

    Even though everybody and his brother knows beyond a shadow of any doubt that 9/11 was an inside job RP still insist that the evil 3rd world sand niggers did it.

    RP and Reagan were lovers.

    RP either endorsed or wrote hundreds of bills. Not a single one of them passed. NONE. Is RP really that stupid or is RP a CFR plant?

    This whole RP Revolution thing. What has it accomplished? Anything? Just one itty bitty little thing? I sure as hell don’t see anything positive come out of it. Do you?

    OH!! There is one little thing that I almost forgot. His money bombs have been a big success!

    Terrible Tommy

  8. Alex says:

    The guy is absolutely right. Ron Paul is a traitor to the USA. He takes side with Osama Bin Laden, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Russia, Iran anybody but the USA.
    I believe America needs American President, and Ron Paul would make a good president of Iran or Palestinian Authonomy.

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