But Who Was Right — Rudy or Ron?

Pat Buchanan Reacts

When Ron Paul said the 9-11 killers were “over here because we are over there,” he was not excusing the mass murderers of 3,000 Americans. He was explaining the roots of hatred out of which the suicide-killers came.[…]

What Ron Paul was addressing was the question of what turned the allies we aided into haters of the United States. Was it the fact that they discovered we have freedom of speech or separation of church and state? Do they hate us because of who we are? Or do they hate us because of what we do?


What does Rudy Giuliani think the political motive was for 9-11?

Was it because we are good and they are evil? Is it because they hate our freedom? Is it that simple?

Ron Paul says Osama bin Laden is delighted we invaded Iraq.

Does the man not have a point? The United States is now tied down in a bloody guerrilla war in the Middle East and increasingly hated in Arab and Islamic countries where we were once hugely admired as the first and greatest of the anti-colonial nations. Does anyone think that Osama is unhappy with what is happening to us in Iraq?


Rudy implied that Ron Paul was unpatriotic to suggest the violence against us out of the Middle East may be in reaction to U.S. policy in the Middle East. Was President Hoover unpatriotic when, the day after Pearl Harbor, he wrote to friends, “You and I know that this continuous putting pins in rattlesnakes finally got this country bitten.”

Pearl Harbor came out of the blue, but it also came out of the troubled history of U.S.-Japanese relations going back 40 years. Hitler’s attack on Poland was naked aggression. But to understand it, we must understand what was done at Versailles — after the Germans laid down their arms based on Wilson’s 14 Points. We do not excuse — but we must understand.

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4 Responses to But Who Was Right — Rudy or Ron?

  1. Rudy was correct. Good blog, btw!

  2. Graeme says:

    If Ron Paul could only private enterprises are just as bad, or worse, than governments.

  3. Graeme says:

    That piece was dead on, btw. If the race was between Mike Gravel and Ron Paul, this country would be in a great situation. Gravel is for abolishing the income tax.

    Clinton, Giulianai, McCain and Obama scare me. I think Obama knows better, which scares me the most.

  4. Enzo says:

    Ron Paul was right. Osama Bin Laden says he attacked us because we support Israel and stationed our troops in Saudia Arabia. OBL directed the attacks so he should know why he attacked us.

    Our involvement in the Middle East is why they are attacking us. To act like, out of the blue, Al-Quaida attacked us for no apparent reason at all is either naive or idiotic.

    Ron Paul is the only real Republican running. It’s strange because he supports the constitution and actually votes that way instead of caving to special interests and for that he gets called “out there” or “wacko”. Ron Paul is the only Republican that has not sold out.

    I know he cannot win, but I’ll vote for him anyway…and then I’ll vote for the democrat candidate for president. The GOP is history. The war is bad, but Bush’s immigration stance is the nail in the coffin.

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