Dan Flynn: Elephant Babies

From the Flynn Files

There’s safety in numbers. When you say the same thing as the other nine men on the stage, no one will threaten to ban you from debates for being boring. No one will primary you for following the pack. No one will call for your expulsion from your party. But say that the emperor has no clothes–that serial interventionism has unintended consequences, the George W. Bush is a big-government liberal who has been a disaster for conservatives, that whole departments of the federal government and not just “waste, fraud, and abuse” should be abolished, that launching a war on Iraq has been horrible for America–and the weight of the GOP’s biggest elephants comes crashing down on you.

This is the most appealing thing to me about the candidacy of Ron Paul. He is a leader. When nine guys on a stage make salaams to a failed policy, Ron Paul dissents. When 434 colleagues seek to honor Mother Teresa and Rosa Parks (and, in effect, to cynically honor themselves) with taxdollars and without Constitutional mandate, Dr. Paul votes the other way. His compass is not party shibboleths or opinion polls, but principle. This makes him a dangerous man. Ron Paul will actually do the things the GOP says it will do at election time but refuses to do once elected.

Is it any wonder GOP hacks fear Ron Paul’s presence in the debate and exclude him from candidate polls?

Read the whole thing.


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