4 Positions on Immigration

A great article on the politics of immigration – Why Don’t We Just Bring Back Slavery?

1. The Geraldo Rivera/La Raza/Democrat Party Position.

Borders?  We don’t need no stinkin’ borders.  America is the land of opportunity.  We owe it [insert reason here] to the people of the world to let them come to this blessed land and make a decent living for themselves and their extended families, as well as vote for the Democrats in the next election.  How they get here — legally or not — is just a detail.

2. The Wall Street Journal/U.S. Chamber of Commerce/George Bush Position.

9/11?  What does controlling the borders have to do with national security?  There are jobs in this country that American workers simply will not do . . . for the wages we want to pay them.  So bring on the cheap labor, and don’t hold American businesses accountable for hiring illegal aliens and/or paying under-the-table wages.  We need these people to pick our crops, cut our lawns, and build our homes at a price we are comfortable paying them.

3. The Uber-Conservative Position.

Immigration?  Legal or Illegal, there are too many people in this country already with a vowel at the end of their name, who pray at the wrong church (or no church at all) or don’t need SPF 50 sun block to keep from looking like a fresh boiled lobster on a sunny July afternoon.  Close everything down and return this country to its original state.  Er, I mean the original state after we got rid of the Indians.

4. The Build a Fence, Deport ‘em and Re-admit ‘em legally Position.

Logistics?  You say we can’t find 12 million illegal aliens, and even if we did, we don’t have enough prisons to lock them all up?  So, we give it a try anyway, and see how many we can catch and deport.  And as we’re doing this, we see how many will leave voluntarily once we start putting a few dozen CEOS in jail for hiring illegal aliens in the first place.  Whatever number is left over becomes “the problem.”  We keep hunting them down while we secure our borders, and re-introduce some sanity into the legal immigration process.

Of course, the point of this article was to show how absurd the current Kennedy-McCain immigration bill is:

All four are destined to fail, because none of their core positions address the three main fundamental issues of (a) security, (b) the need for a sufficient pool of reasonably priced labor, and (c) addressing immigration not as a legal issue but a matter of personal conscience. 

Those that highlight security make it impossible to keep paying subsistence wages, or under the table wages without the corresponding state-mandated obligations and benefits.  Those that continue the free flow of cheap labor make it impossible to adequately control the borders and/or keep track of the immigrants and their extended families flooding into the country.  And those that address both security and labor fail to consider matters of personal conscience that supersede the law, whatever it says.

But I have a solution to the problem that addresses all three needs.  The answer is found in the distant past of American history, and is in fact an acceptable practice today in many parts of the developing world.  We can have cheap labor, protect our security, as well as pick and choose the laws we want to obey if we simply repeal the 14th Amendment, and bring back slavery.

Read the whole thing.


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