Dan Flynn: Two-Thirds of Americans ‘Against,’ One President ‘For’

June 27, 2007

Author of Why the Left Hates America says:

 Hey, Republicans: Are you willing to sacrifice conservative judges, tax cuts, and every other conservative cause for the president’s big-government, nation-building, utopian dream of democratizing Iraq through occupation? A CNN/Opinion Research poll finds just 30 percent of Americans supporting the war in Iraq. This is the biggest issue facing America today, and Republicans are on the wrong side of it. They were on the wrong side of it when two-thirds of the country supported them, and they’re on the wrong side of it now that two-thirds of the country is against them.


Outmigration Is Real And Won’t Solve Itself

June 23, 2007

There can be no denying that outmigration is real and it is not getting any better. Ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away as some like to do. Two recent reports quantified in no uncertain economic terms that there is indeed a problem.

First, the State Data Center issued a report detailing how even in Cass County where the population is growing at a quick rate, has been unable to recoup taxable lost because of people leaving. As a whole, the report indicates that the state has lost over a billion dollars in taxable income in the last 14 years.

Secondly, first quarter personal income growth numbers came in with North Dakota dead last. Not only dead last, but the ONLY state with personal income actually on the decline. There’s really no way to spin this.

So let’s review: 1) Personal Income is declining while the Gross State Product is increasing. 2) People who are leaving the state are making more than those entering the state.

What can be done?

1.) Admit there is a problem.
2.) Reduce the amount of lost income to taxation by allowing people to keep more of their money.
3.) Create incentives to entice young people to stay in North Dakota (income tax exemption for those under 30 years old).
4.) Eliminate hurdles and roadblocks to new business creation.
5.) Utilize Bank of North Dakota profits for low interest/high risk business loans specifically targeted towards college graduates with solid business plans.
6.) End the use of student loan profits as a general fund revenue source.
7.) Increase accountability for higher education cost increases; specifically student fees.
8.) Allow “amount paid” on student loans to be “banked” for later use as tax credits against state income tax liability in future years.

If these initiatives are not embraced, then the U.S. Census Bureau may be right when it predicts that North Dakota will lose another 30,000 people – or 5% of the state. Keep in mind they predict that they predict South Dakota (with no state income tax) to gain nearly 50,000 people.

A Second Falklands?

June 7, 2007

 Human Events

When Argentina invaded the Falklands Islands in April 1982 and ignited the Falklands War with Great Britain, many commentators saw the conflict as something of a quaint historical anomaly, a “throwback” campaign reminiscent of 19th century “petty scrapes” imperial Britain engaged in when the sun never set on its globe-circling empire.

The war ended on June 14, 1982, making this month the 25th anniversary of its conclusion.


Argentina’s Falklands-Malvinas quest isn’t quite over. In 2006, it began a new diplomatic drive to gain control of the islands. Argentina still bases its claim to the islands on geographic proximity and historical ties, but this time it has enlisted the support of Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Argentina emphasizes that its current efforts to “reclaim” the islands are political, not military.

Not so for Chavez. Never one to shy from inflammatory rhetoric and violent risks, Chavez has added land claims to his list of grievances with neighboring states — and he rattles sabers.


What happens if Chavez calculates that a Bolivar-like “liberation” of the islands from the prison of European colonial oppression would galvanize support for him throughout Latin America?

Outlandish, grandiose and delusional? Twenty-five years ago, Argentina’s dictatorship concluded the risks of outlandish action were worth the grand rewards.

McCain: Our Borders Must Be Erased

June 7, 2007

Immigration Deal Survives GOP Threat

WASHINGTON (AP) – A bipartisan immigration bill narrowly survived a potentially fatal challenge on Wednesday when the Senate turned back a Republican bid to limit the illegal immigrants who could gain lawful status. The close vote on a proposal by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, to bar felons—including those court-ordered to be deported—from legalization reflected the delicate position of the contentious immigration bill, which remains under threat from the right and the left.

The vote was 51-46 against the amendment. Democrats succeeded in sucking support from Cornyn’s proposal by winning adoption of a rival version that would bar a more limited set of criminals, including certain gang members and sex offenders, from gaining legalization. The Senate backed that amendment 66-32.

Cornyn had painted his effort as a “defining issue” for any presidential candidate—a sign of the degree to which the contentious debate is bleeding over into the GOP campaign fray.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., alone among his party’s presidential aspirants in backing the immigration measure, opposed Cornyn’s bid and backed the Democratic alternative offered by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.

Turkey Invades Iraq

June 6, 2007

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) – Several thousand Turkish troops crossed into northern Iraq early Wednesday to chase Kurdish guerrillas who attack Turkey from bases there, two Turkish security officials said. Turkey’s foreign minister denied its troops had entered Iraq. Two senior security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media, characterized the action as a “hot pursuit” raid that was limited in scope. They told The Associated Press it did not constitute the kind of large incursion that Turkish leaders have been discussing in recent weeks as Turkish troops built up their force along the border.

McCain: “We Are Not Going To Build Fences And Barriers”

June 6, 2007

Giuliani: Teach Troops To Nation Build

June 6, 2007

Sorry Mayor, that’s not their job.

The military’s job is to kill people and break things.