Iran to buy jets from Russia

July 30, 2007

The Arms Race Is On

Israel is looking into reports that Russia plans to sell 250 advanced long-range Sukhoi-30 fighter jets to Iran in an unprecedented billion-dollar deal.

According to reports, in addition to the fighter jets, Teheran also plans to purchase a number of aerial fuel tankers that are compatible with the Sukhoi and capable of extending its range by thousands of kilometers. Defense officials said the Sukhoi sale would grant Iran long-range offensive capabilities.

Government officials voiced concern over the reports. They said Russia could be trying to compete with the United States, which announced over the weekend a billion-dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.


Get Ready For “The Saudi Contra Affair”

July 29, 2007

Mideast allies to receive advanced U.S. weapons

The Bush administration has decided to supply billions of dollars in advanced new weapons to Saudi Arabia, other Arab allies of the United States and to Israel, senior State Department officials and congressional aides said Friday.The arms-and-aid package, which the officials said is to be announced on Monday, is part of a U.S. initiative to reassure worried allies in the Middle East that despite its troubles in Iraq, the United States remains committed to the region. It also is meant to send a signal of resolve to Iran’s increasingly confident leaders.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates leave for the Middle East on Monday on a rare joint mission to deliver those messages in person to the region’s leaders.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the package has not yet been announced, said it would include selling Saudi Arabia advanced weapons known as Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs). JDAMs convert simple gravity bombs into accurate “smart” weapons.

Which begs the question: “Is Bush a moron?”

Iraqi Vacation

July 16, 2007

 From Human Events

Bob Schieffer had it right in his commentary yesterday. He reported on the announcement that the Iraqi parliament is taking a vacation for the month of August. The White House, he said, offered the excuse that it is extremely hot in August. But wait…

How much hotter do you suppose it is if you are a wearing a helmet, full body armor, carrying ammunition and walking foot patrols through Baghdad?

America has served and sacrificed for Iraq. A vacation now is a mockery of our efforts to secure safety and democracy for them. Why are our troops risking their lives when the Iraqis aren’t willing to give it all they have as well?

Schieffer smartly points out that we cannot have a “sudden withdrawal” but we should begin to “concentrate instead on the terrorist threat that this country faces around the world.”

When it comes down to it, you can only help those who will help themselves and Iraq seems unwilling to abide by that standard.

Robbing Paul of the Truth

July 16, 2007

National Review

My first reaction to the Politico headline — most people’s reaction, I’m sure — was that Paul should not be elected or defeated, but institutionalized. Then I read what is actually posted there, and I saw no quote from Paul about a “staged terrorist attack.” I did see a summary by Politico blogger Dan Reilly that says Paul “clearly insinuated that the administration would not be above staging an incident to revive flagging support.”

So I listened to the interview, trying to find what Reilly describes. And I listened to it again. And again. And I heard nothing of the sort.

What I did hear was an unhinged radio host ask Paul a wide-ranging, minute-long, wacky question about terrorism, Bush the “dictator,” and neo-cons that ended with “How much danger are we in of some new Gulf of Tonkin provocation?” Paul begins his answer with, ”Well, I think we’re in great danger of it — we’re in danger in many ways.” But as he continues, Paul says nothing about a staged terror attack or the Gulf of Tonkin. Rather, he goes into his usual schtick, complaining about the “great danger” involved in the loss of “civil liberties” and the evils of U.S. Iraq policy. Then he speaks to the likelihood of a real terrorist attack — not a staged attack:“I would say that we’re in much greater danger than we’ve been, even four or five years ago, whether it’s overseas or even by terrorists here at home, because I just think the policies are seriously flawed.”

So he’s talking about Iraq as possibly making us more vulnerable to terrorism. Call him wrong or even crazy, but this is just standard Ron Paul. It is nothing like a black-helicopter accusation that the government is planning a phony terror attack. If you actually listen to the exchange, the closest Paul comes to saying anything like what’s in the Politico summary comes when he faults the administration’s Iran policy:

“Right now there is an orchestrated effort to blame the Iranians for everything that’s gone wrong in Iraq. And we’re quite concerned, many of us, that the attack will be on Iran and that will confuse things and jeopardize so many more of our troops.” Discredits Itself

July 16, 2007

Probably one of the dumbest, most immature things they have done.

RS Radio: A Conversation With Congressman Ron Paul

Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee

July 12, 2007

So says Rush Limbaugh

“Liberals in the Senate have it half right when they talk about the lack of balance and the lack of honest reporting. They’re dead right when they talk about that. It’s just they’re wrong about where all these things are happening,” Limbaugh said today on his national program. “Let’s regulate the Drive-By Media. Let’s have a Truth Doctrine for them.”


Limbaugh says Americans are being manipulated by propaganda they see and hear from non-talk-radio sources, claiming “hard numbers that prove the point.”


Limbaugh then cited a recent poll from the American Research Group, which stated a total of 16 percent of Americans say that the national economy is getting better, 28 percent say it’s staying the same, and 55 percent believe it’s getting worse.

“This is not a measure of reality,” he said. “This is a measure of liberal Drive-By Media propaganda. …

“What these figures show is the impact of unregulated, left-wing propaganda repeated hour after hour, day after day, week after week by the unregulated Drive-By Media, the unregulated liberal newspapers, the unfettered liberal newspapers. Free speech is the lifeblood of our nation, my good friends, and if we’re going to do anything to modify it, let’s look at where the problem really is. It ain’t here on talk radio!”