Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee

So says Rush Limbaugh

“Liberals in the Senate have it half right when they talk about the lack of balance and the lack of honest reporting. They’re dead right when they talk about that. It’s just they’re wrong about where all these things are happening,” Limbaugh said today on his national program. “Let’s regulate the Drive-By Media. Let’s have a Truth Doctrine for them.”


Limbaugh says Americans are being manipulated by propaganda they see and hear from non-talk-radio sources, claiming “hard numbers that prove the point.”


Limbaugh then cited a recent poll from the American Research Group, which stated a total of 16 percent of Americans say that the national economy is getting better, 28 percent say it’s staying the same, and 55 percent believe it’s getting worse.

“This is not a measure of reality,” he said. “This is a measure of liberal Drive-By Media propaganda. …

“What these figures show is the impact of unregulated, left-wing propaganda repeated hour after hour, day after day, week after week by the unregulated Drive-By Media, the unregulated liberal newspapers, the unfettered liberal newspapers. Free speech is the lifeblood of our nation, my good friends, and if we’re going to do anything to modify it, let’s look at where the problem really is. It ain’t here on talk radio!”


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