Iraqi Vacation

 From Human Events

Bob Schieffer had it right in his commentary yesterday. He reported on the announcement that the Iraqi parliament is taking a vacation for the month of August. The White House, he said, offered the excuse that it is extremely hot in August. But wait…

How much hotter do you suppose it is if you are a wearing a helmet, full body armor, carrying ammunition and walking foot patrols through Baghdad?

America has served and sacrificed for Iraq. A vacation now is a mockery of our efforts to secure safety and democracy for them. Why are our troops risking their lives when the Iraqis aren’t willing to give it all they have as well?

Schieffer smartly points out that we cannot have a “sudden withdrawal” but we should begin to “concentrate instead on the terrorist threat that this country faces around the world.”

When it comes down to it, you can only help those who will help themselves and Iraq seems unwilling to abide by that standard.


One Response to Iraqi Vacation

  1. Graeme says:

    Iraq needs a Tito. Someone to drive the Americans out and gain the respect that the Vichy Iraqi regime doesn’t have.

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