Glen Beck tackles the North American Union.


2 Responses to MexAmeriCanada

  1. Dave Burton says:

    That was Beck giving a microphone to Jerome Corsi. Corsi is an inveterate liar, and a Bircher nut. You cannot trust anything he says. He just makes things up that never happened, to smear Christian conservatives like Bush and Gov. Perry. Read the proof for yourself:


  2. Andrew says:

    Alright, if Bush ends up making this whole Mexamericanada deal then I’m moving far, far away where gas is cheap, I could actually find a job without having to learn spanish although the mexameracanada might find me a job considering that I took french and maybe the Canadiens would feel offended as well for the restaurants hiring people who can speak spanish. I’m only in my first year in college and I’m already bankrupt because I can’t find a job. Oh yea, their hiring but only if you speak spanish.

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